PROJECT MENTOR emphasizes human connection. Based on a short set of survey questions, we pair each mentee with an appropriate mentor.

Each monthly session explores issues and opportunities facing the mentee today, such as work/life integration, strategic networking, re-entry into the workplace.

+ Girls entering into their career
+ Women re-entering the workforce

THE PROGRAM is limited to 50 people per quarter and candidates are accepted based on their application and space.

Mentees are matched with 2 different mentors during each 4-month program.

To ensure that mentees get the most out of the program, we request that mentees commit to all sessions.


  • Mentee Guidelines

    1. Willingness to do my best to interact with my mentor with professionalism and come to sessions prepared.

    2. Commitment to meet with my mentor on a monthly basis for the purpose of receiving mentoring.

    3. Complete program evaluation.

  • Submit an application for consideration.

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    All applications are due October 18, 2018

    Minimum age is 18.

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