PROJECT MENTOR emphasizes human connection. Based on a short set of survey questions, we pair each mentee with an appropriate mentor.

Each monthly session explores issues and opportunities facing the mentee today, such as work/life integration, strategic networking, re-entry into the workplace.

+ Women entering into their career
+ Women re-entering the workforce

THE PROGRAM is limited to 50 people per quarter and candidates are accepted based on their application and space.

Mentees are matched with one mentor during each 4-month program. If it makes sense we match you with 1 guest mentor during the mentorship if specific questions come up that the mentor is unable to answer.

To ensure that mentees get the most out of the program, we request that mentees commit to all sessions.


  • Mentee Guidelines

    1. Willingness to do my best to interact with my mentor with professionalism and come to sessions prepared.

    2. Commitment to meet with my mentor on a monthly basis for the purpose of receiving mentoring.

    3. Complete program evaluation.

  • Submit an application for consideration.

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    All applications are due on the following dates:

    October 1
    (Duration of program: November 1 - March 1)

    February 15
    (Duration of program: March 1 - June 30)

    Minimum age is 21.

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